Monday, October 10, 2005

Word From Stevie G In Bali

As some Umoja Hi-Fi fans may know, Washington DC's Stevie G (Umoja inductee in '99/2000) recently moved to Bali, Indonesia, where he's built a successful DJ career. He also moved in protest to W's disputed 2nd term election, and all the implications for the world that it brings. Here's his account of the most recent (the second in 2 years) bombing in Bali.

Apologies for not responding individually and for being inccommunicado
for so long. It's been crazy hectic getting settled, DJing, and
writing for two magazines. And apologies for the late reply to your
safety concerns. We do not have internet access at home and as you
might imagine, the internet spots have been rammed since the bomb with
tourists writing home.

The 3 bombs were in the areas of Kuta and Jimbaran, and while they are
all relatively close by and around the same municipality (within 20 -
30 minutes drive from where we reside/work), we seldom frequent these
areas. The general area where we do work (Seminyak environs and in
particular, Ku De Ta) has been bolstered with extra elite security and
bomb sniffing dogs. We remain vigilant and have been avoiding any
travel within heavy tourist areas, but at the same time we are
carrying on with our lives to show support for Bali and it's people,
many of whom comprised most of the casualties.

It was extremely fortunate that the carnage, although terrrible, was
not as bad as it potentially could have been. We went to the hospital
on the Saturday night to donate blood, but were turned away because
they had enough to treat the injured, a good sign we suppose. We also
attended a ecumenical (Muslim/Christian/Hindu) prayer vigil at the
Raja bomb site in Kuta to show support and were shocked at the
destruction there blown out glass, burned out buildings. Wack.

All said, this tragedy and the potential of similar future events
does not affect our decision to continue a life here. And likewise,
we hope that this does not dissuade any one of you who were planning
to visit us in Bali. We have a huge staffed house surrounded by
bamboo trees and rice paddies with an extra room that we planned for
in anticipation of guests. Please come and visit, you will not regret
it. We are, without a doubt in the right place, and in today's
uncertain world where bombs have become an omnipresent reality no
matter where you are, you might as well live where you love.

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