Thursday, August 04, 2011

Cokni O Dire Mixshows: New Times & Days!

Umoja Hi-Fi's Dallas-based raggamuffin DJ and MC Cokni O Dire has new time slots and days for his popular mix streaming web broadcasts.

The Decent Something reggae show has moved to Thursdays 6PM EST and 3PM PST.

O Dire also has a new mixshow called The Song Likers Show on Mondays at 3PM EST and 12 Noon PST.

 O invites all music fans to tune in for a broad selection of sounds as only he can swing it: "Please be there when we broadcast either on ya computers or selected devices."

For the past several years Cokni O Dire's mixshows we're streamed via New York's Beatminerz radio. That has changed now and here's what O has to say on the matter: 

"You may already know that Beatminerz radio is not carrying my show by mutual agreement. It's overdue that I bust out doing what got me the props. What that all means is support me if you feel my style and I won't feel a way if its not your thing. I know I love it and I aint stoppin'"

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