Wednesday, February 01, 2012

DJ Daz's 40th: Old School Fool B-Day Celebration

CoknI Speaks: Saturday after DILLA DAY, young DJ Daz will be celebrating his culture cypher. For those who don't know Supreme Mathematics, culture cypher means 4 - 0. We add the 4 + 0 and get 4, which = culture. So we celebrating culture on Saturday the 11th. That's the good news. The kinda ill news which turns out to be TRILL news is that I, CoknI, found out about this party on Facebook! I was like thats hot but what the fug? The reason I was overlooked is not something I choose to meditate on, and thank G-D I didn't.

So what happen was ... after much deliberation a few of us, Jenny Noriega, White Ice, Destroyer and myself and Daz, of course, thought 'why don't we raise the funds and get CoknI's bitch ass out here?' Complaining about why it wasn't originally in the budget was irrelevant. The matter at hand was could we pull this off in a few days before the ticket price rose to 700 for a weekend flight from Dallas to LA.
Young Ice of Wilshire District Music stepped up and said he would put up $50 and if we could get 4 matches we could cop a flight from DFW - LAX for $2fiddy! One by one niggas started putting up halfs and dubs. Some blessed us with 5 on it. That same day we were able to get CoknI the ticket and Umoja (unity) was activated!

Mona Lisa has agreed to be a trustee to collect donations at Amoeba Records where all DJs meet eventually. I'm mad stoked that I'm gonna celebrate the birthday of the brother who when I met played the record that means the most to me. Some of y'all know it but if you don't, be there Feb 11 at the Alexandria (501 S. Spring St, Downtown LA) when Umoja, Soul Children, Soundations, Smokin Vinyl, Positive Riddim, Chocolate Bar and Root Down sounds combine to BLOW YOUR MIND JUST ONE MO TIME! -- King CoknI


White Ice said...

young Ice is as old as Daz, This year is my 40th. Respect!!!!Cokni ICE (Positive Rhythm Crew/Wilshire Music)

White Ice said...

Young Ice isn't that young anymore, a cool 40 this year like our man DAZ. HBD DAZ