Monday, January 07, 2013

Juju Meets Umoja in Stereo Hi-Fi: The Recap!

On Friday November 30, two of LA's longest running DJ collectives joined together in unison for a special evening of music. The Soul Children, founders of the legendary club night Juju, and Umoja Soundsystem gathered at NOLA’s in downtown LA for a night dubbed “Juju in Stereo Hi-Fi.” 

Over the years The Soul Children DJs have promoted unique cultural and music events such as the cuisine/salon/art happening Brown Rice & BBQ, plus they been guests and held down residencies all over the city. Soul Children DJ Al Jackson (check his mixes on Podomatic) also has recently collaborated with the Umoja Quintet trumpeter Josh Koslow in Tha Takeova project.

But back to the night, Stereo Hi-Fi, where first up on the turntables was Alex a.k.a. MCDJ1ONE from the Soul Children camp. He wasted no time getting the soul jams in everyone's ears. His smooth blends set the table of what was to come. Alex also acted as resident mic controller for the evening. 

Next was Umoja veteran Jun who played an array of tunes that spanned soul, funk and spaced-out boogie. He kept the dancers alert and intrigued. Jun’s all-vinyl set saw the analog warmth of the records permeate the room. 

DJ Sacred of Soul Children stepped up next and bought a heady mix of Afro-Future-Funk beats, bass and tribal riddims. It was a twist on the established head-nod beats made famous at LA club spots like Low End Theory but Sacred’s spin on it was definitely all Juju. Sacred's set was to most all unknown joints but all future and banging.  

Deejay Daz is known for dropping incredible sets of various genres grounded in traditional soul. This time around Daz “took it to the club” – recalling those great nights he engineered at ‘90s hotspot Chocolate Bar. Daz hammered home a perfect set of hip-hop and dancehall bangers. The crowd got hyped and the dance floor was officially bubbling. 

DJ Al Jackson posted up behind the booth waited his turn and stepped up with the determination of a batter with all bases loaded. Al unleashed a soulful set of upfront joints that kept the crowd moving and singing along to songs like "Golden" by Jill Scott

After Al's set Jimetta Rose & House Shoes performed the beautiful "Castles In The Sky" off of House Shoes’ new album Let It Go. The song is a dedication to fallen comrade Jovan J1 Coleman a.k.a. The Deer. The crowd was moved by Jimetta's heartfelt version and both artists were met with a gracious applause. 

Destroyer took over the decks and played a set of soul and hip-hop favorites. Tracks like Pete Rock’s “They Reminisce Over You,” “Crossover” and Jaylib's "Raw Shit" got the crowd up and dancing again. 

DJ Rome followed with an all vinyl set of hip-hop and dancehall that the crowd was seriously going off, proving yet again that the Soul Children and Umoja synergy was on point. In the meantime MCDJ1ONE was on the mic letting people know who everyone was and when to expect the next party on the following month, as a true emcee should

Last but not least Umoja's very own MonaLisa closed out the evening like a true champion playing soulful dance classics that had the audience begging for more after the lights went up. Both crews went up on stage for a photo and were met by a rapturous applause. 

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