Sunday, August 25, 2013

Unity Returns With Umoja's DJ Daz

Legendary Hip-Hop Club Unity Returns With Umoja's DJ Daz

In the early '90s in Los Angeles, anyone who was anyone, and legends by the score called week club night Unity their home for original hip-hop music.

Peep these original flier for the night.

The club night ran for several successful years and featured dozens of announced and unannounced live performances and ciphers. It was a catalyst for the developing West Coast hip-hop scene.

Tuesday August 27 Club Unity will return, bring it's original hip-hop vibes to a new generation. Umoja Hi-Fi's DJ Daz, one of the night's original resident DJs will again be one of it's rotating guests. The Beat Junkies Rhettmmatic and Mr. Choc will do their thing along with many other talented and experienced turntable technicians.

If you know hip-hop, love hip-hop and live hip-hop, you will be there for the Unity rebirth.

Peep this special tribute blog to Unity and it's esteemed resident and promoter, Bigga B (R.I.P.).

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