Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Umoja Hi-Fi Dublab Takeover! 3+ Hours in the Mix

On Monday June 27, Jun (The Standard), Monalisa (Motown on Mondays), Tomas (Voltage Music), Daz (Carbon Bar/Chocolate Bar and Aaron Paar (Ximeno Records) of Umoja Hi-Fi took over Aaron's monthly "Stomping Grounds Radio" slot on Dublab for mini Umoja reunion session.

Each DJ spun sets ranging from 45 minutes to an hour representing the many eclectic and emotive flavors of "The Unity Sound." Funk, rare groove classics, reggae, dub, world and house all featured throughout the evening.

The crew even got behind the mic to share the history behind the groundbreaking crew's formative years, key events and music philosophy. Listen below for the full replay!
Umoja Hi-Fi Dublab Takeover! – Stomping Grounds (06.27.16)
Aaron Paar w/guests Umoja Hi-Fi – Stomping Grounds (06.27.16) | dublab

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