Monday, April 26, 2010

Umoja Inducts New Member: DJ Destroyer

Umoja Hi-Fi, a.k.a. The Unity Sound was established in 1993 by DJ Daz and DJ Tomas. Soon after Culture D, CoknI O' Dire and Jun were asked to join the crew. In 2004 Stevie G, originally from Washington DC, lately of Bali, was inducted into the crew. Other long-time Umoja Hi-Fi affiliates include San Francisco's B-Love and Chris Vargas.

Recently the crew voted to bring in a new member. But as it turns out, Aaron Paar's dealings with the crew go back over a decade. Paar, a.k.a. DJ Destroyer of Strictly Social club nights fame, has DJ'd alongside Umoja crew members for years in Los Angeles, has represented at our events and been a vocal promoter of the crew's music and aesthetic. Nottingham, UK native Paar is also a versatile DJ and producer in his own right, with multiple releases to his credit. He spins as well as creates house, soul, hip-hop and other jazzy flavors, and also happens to be one of the maddest futbol heads you'll ever meet.

DJ Daz first met Paar at the BRASS club night when the rare groove and acid jazz hotspot was still at its original Melrose and Larchmont location. At the time Paar was DJing house music a weekly night called Shaolin Temple (before Wu Tang Clan adopted the identity). From 1992-94 Paar spun on "Stomping Ground," a mix show on KXLU-FM radio station. DJ Tomas and CoknI O' Dire have also hosted shows there. Parr was a seminal figure in the early-90s rave/loft scene in Los Angeles and made his mark as part of house music production duo Teflon Dons (Worldship Records).

Paar’s current DJ residencies include Fast FWD at Little Temple, Bounce Rock Skate and one of LA's signature eclectic soul nights, Strictly Social.

When it came to inducting DJ Destroyer into Umoja, he received a unanimous vote from each of the crew members. Here's some of their reactions:

Tomas:  "I say welcome to the crew DJ Destroyer. Destroy dem bonds of oppression and ignorance with the Umoja sound. We continue to be an untouchable music entity, representing all skills, styles, emotions and music." 

Cokni: "Aaron is a day-one rider. He was involved in the scene before he knew any of us and getting busier than us! He's shown-and-proved in production. Always comes through when he's capable. Always offers love and never begs favors or friends." 

Jun: "Word. Got my vote." 

Culture D: "He gets a forward from me!" 

Daz: "He shoulda been here 10 years ago."

So Destroyer is official Umoja fam now. Welcome to the crew. He's going to be a great addition to the unity sound, which keeps pushing the best music for the massive 'dem year to year.

Umoja Hi-Fi crew will DJ a special event in Los Angeles Wednesday June 23 at Little Temple in Los Angeles with DJ Destroyer, Daz and other members of the crew.

Destroyer will be up in San Francisco at PST at Eve Lounge on May 13 and and at Fat Stacks at Koko Cocktails May 14. Stay tuned!

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